Bruno Carlo Mid-season 24 Basica

The name chosen for the collection immediately defines its identity: Basica as it is essential, which concerns the foundations - and this both in terms of raw materials, lines, outfits, as well as know-how and roots.
Basica is a return to the true essence of beautiful well done works.
A high-end mid-season born from the desire to offer a proposal that can dialogue spontaneously with the winter collection, which has always been Bruno Carlo's peak season. 

Quality of raw materials and workmanship.
All the one size garments are highlighted by simple and relaxed lines: their natural elegance stands out in the foreground, which derives solely from the strength of the raw materials and the craftsmanship through which they are created.
Even the precious details that enrich the brand's winter knitwear are something rare: enhanced in their substance, the garments summarize and amplify the value of pure yarn and the know-how of the Made in Italy production structure.

The full and pure monochromatic color-block inspired the creation of the campaign total looks
Each garment has been characterized with specific one-tone combinations to enhance the fitting and elegance of the outfits, which are at the same time comfortable, easy to wear, but also refined and finished in detail.

The pre-winter capsule.
The pre-winter capsule is characterized by the softness of the finely knitted cashmere/wool yarn and "diamante" (diamond - silk, wool and cashmere), the premium novelty of the collection. Neutral nuances (white, butter, blush, grey) alternate with touches of color such as ash blue and coral red.
Sweaters, cardigans, twin sets, palazzo pants and flat or striped weave skirts take shape in soft or slimmer volumes; the solid color is broken up by small two-tone details
A selection of handmade knitwear which, lightened in weight, confirms the quality of the noble yarns of the winter garments, and intends to match them as the temperatures decrease.

The pre-summer capsule.
The pre-summer capsule, on the other hand, uses cotton and viscose in simple and versatile passepartout proposals which also include more fluid and enveloping solutions (long shirts, dresses).
We find the neutral palettes, combined however with warmer colours such as ocher and burnt, up to the brightness of lurex, both on silver and gold

The accessories.
Among the accessories, next to the panama or Florentine straw hats, there are also fisherman hats: made of 100% cotton gaberdine or canvas, they are customized with embossing or 3D embroidery that enhance the brand's monogram. 
Half-finger nappa leather gloves, on the other side, remain the best solution to dress your hands, in each of them all the experience of our master glove makers can be easily seen.

A collection with its own identity, but also the right compendium for the winter season with a view to sustainability that aims to amplify and multiply the use of durable garments because they are of good quality and well packaged.

Discover Basica by previewing the lookbook and contact us for more information.