The Brand

Bruno Carlo is an Italian clothing brand for accessories, based in Ventimiglia (IM), founded in the 1970s by the Bruno family. The brand mainly focuses on development and production of knitwear in fine and natural yarns (wool, cashmere, silk, cotton) and premium sheepskin gloves (nappa leather).
Alongside them, the hat production (in fabric, knit or leather) is now mainly intended for private label collections, combined or not with gloves which can also be customized with detailed finishing, embroideries, embossing, according to the customer’s needs.
Common features of the collections are the selection of materials, all of them from Italy, research and attention to detail. As further main pillars of the company, it is possible to mention loyalty to the well-established foundations related to quality of the best Made in Italy craftsmanship, and constant attention to the continuous evolution of style.
Bruno Carlo combines passion and know-how, acquired in almost 50 years of experience. Customers always have the guarantee of a high-quality artisan product as well as a streamlined and flexible approach, which is well suited to the market needs and companies with which it collaborates.

A Family affair

Its passion for style is a family affair. Three generations coexist in a structured yet lively company environment in which the point of view of those who have decades of experience and that of the people who have a look to the future meet and integrate daily. This results in a creative dialogue in which modernity and keeping up with the times never neglect tradition, and even cooperate in the production of garments in which nothing is taken for granted except quality.
Bruno Family


Bruno Carlo’s philosophy, based on a constant pursuit of improvement, is shared across the company. The brand strives to create accessories to suit the ever-changing reality of the fashion world, while resting on the established foundations of quality, handcrafting, and tradition. Every single garment is marked by the careful selection of materials and colours. These distinctive traits are part of the design and artisan processes that define every glove, hat, or stole, showing the meticulous effort of those who love what they do, and always want to offer the best to their customers.

Artisan identity

In knitwear, garments with simpler lines and more refined ones match each other in a natural way, thanks to their finesses of different weights that meet every need. The careful selection of yarns and the particular workmanship is the common basis through which they are created. The basic proposals are designed as soft and comfortable passepartouts to be worn on any occasion. The most precious garments are those in which the brand’s artisan tradition reaches its full realization. These garments skilfully bring together the world of knitwear with fine fur: noble, traceable and certified furs, selected and treated in laboratory to become magnificent details that enrich the cashmere garments, improving their softness and value.
Even the gloves can be seen as an expression of the brand's artisan vocation: a strong declaration of intent to offer a well-made product, which pays attention above all to quality. Cut, stitching and lining: in a historical moment in which the number of master glove makers is always smaller, all processes are handmade with a know-how passed down through generations.
Nappa leather and knit/fabric or fur inserts. Different professionals provide their contributions to create unique accessories: glove makers, knitters, and furriers, all of them bring their own expertise and know-how to each product.
Knitwear and small accessories meet in the aesthetic concept at the base of all collections: the desire to propose consistent total looks studied in detail. If it is true that each garment can be worn alone, the whole acquires value through the overlapping of layers, the combination of different finesses and textures, the precious applications. The combination of small accessories that play on textures and nuances of knitwear. All these elements are part of a strong and decisive identity: the best Made in Italy artisan tradition.
Bruno Carlo -  Artigianalità contemporanea

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