Bruno Carlo FW22

A strong identity does not fear changes: it plays and takes on new challenges, dares, and finds its new limit. A changing mood that is not afraid to move forward, to step out of its comfort zone and, once done, look deeply inside - and always recognize itself, despite everything.
A dynamic path made of different, various and changing moments, which come together in the unique concept of:

From this name and its deeper meaning comes the new FW22 Bruno Carlo collection, in which mixing different elements is the only possible interpretation.
To mix, merge and finally blend together. Styles, textures and shapes coexist in a symphony of changing and iridescent languages, but also decisive and coherent in their shared space. A Unique meeting: a concept of universal Beauty that finds its different realization in each one.

Miscellanea has its colours, in which canvas that contains the campaign shooting is the location.  An impressive but linear collection, with an over-the-top style but never inappropriate - and what is painted instead is a game of elements that are revealed in a dazzling way, detail after detail.

Surprising palettes for a strongly handcrafted collection.
The bright nuances combined with more soft colours clearly characterize this collection: it is the contemporaneity of a highly handcrafted collection in which the value of the yarns is enhanced by a 100% Made in Italy production chain
The clear feeling of softness and comfort is one of the common threads of Miscellanea: the cashmere and cashmere blend garments play with finesse of different weights to meet every need. 
Enveloping, warm and soft garments designed to be worn throughout the day. The shapes are linear and sometimes leaner than in past collections but always extremely fluid
Turtlenecks alternate with round necks, while wide legs, skirts and dresses fall softly in outfits that find their natural match in cardigans, up to cashmere coats and finely worked stoles.
The total looks combine proposals with minimal lines with others with more studied details, flat textures alternate with striped ones
All garments can also be worn individually and find their value from their specific nature, because in each of them lies the care that always makes them unique.

In the most precious proposals, the world of knitwear skilfully blends with fine fur: noble, traceable and certified furs such as foxes, mink, chinchilla and sable add value and shine to the proposals in the "gold" range. Applications, precious hems and details change these garments, elevating them to exclusive and refined creations in which the brand's artisan tradition reaches its most complete realization.

Accessories & Man's.

Even the small accessories fit equally harmoniously into the set of different elements of Miscellanea. Blending into the same paths traced by Knitwear and recalling styles, palettes and lines, the wool felts of European origin and the nappa leather gloves, with precious details, thanks to their confident and contemporary character, enhance the collection.

The man is dressed in finely worked high-necked cob-stitch sweaters. Felts and flat caps recall amazing looks through the use of Made in Italy wool fabrics and precious gloves such as deer, sheepskin and fine nappa leathers.

A mature, decisive collection, with a strong and broad breath: Miscellanea speaks different languages​ that communicate with each other in a new and unique way. All differences cancel each other out to give life to a different, complex and unique new world: a precious beauty, made up of many beauties, shared and worn by everyone, individually, in a different way. 

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