Interview with Gina Marchese: Bruno Carlo Co-founder.

As soon as you talk to her, you immediately notice the passion she puts into each of her creations, the way she pays close attention to the smallest detail and – most importantly, one of the gifts anyone doing this job should have  – empathy for others, drawing inspiration from everything around her.
Look at her sewing, she looks like an artist painting a canvas – each item is unique like every handmade creation and craft.

When closing your eyes and thinking of Bruno Carlo, what is the first memory that comes to mind?
The desire to convey innovation and creativity into the world of gloves in a time when, in my opinion, gloves were little considered.

Where do you get ideas from to make your creations?
Ideas come from following fashion trends, looking at people on the street, and taking each and every detail to bring it back to the gloves.

What does fashion mean for you ?
Stimulating our fantasy to create new items every season.

The essential garment every woman should have in her closet?
Every woman should have all necessary accessories to complete her look in her closet.

And what about men?
Same thing for men – accessories.

Made in Italy is a quality to be valued and preserved, increasingly sought after all over the world. In your opinion, how come?
Made in Italy means created by Us in Our country perpetuating the culture of craft handed down from generation to generation.

So often, children don’t want to do the same job as their parents or even work in the family business. But not yours whom you have been able to convey your passion to. How do you explain that?
Maybe because the creative spirit that leads us to convey what we are through our products is in our DNA. The satisfaction of each customer is the most satisfying drive.
This is probably what I passed on to my children, the joy of giving and receiving through the products we create.

Two generations working side by side – parents who have always done this job and children who grew up breathing the air of Bruno Carlo and are now working there. The perfect balance, then?
No, nothing’s easy. Especially when it comes to creating a new collection, it generates more efforts and discussions and it’s normal. But when we reach the objective, it’s pure adrenaline. There is nothing more rewarding, this is what unites us and makes us love our work.

Three words to describe Bruno Carlo:
Quest, endeavors, and passion.

So, Bruno Carlo means…?
Conveying style and innovation through tasteful collections.