Sometimes style resides where you least expect it: under the elegant warmth of a poncho

Rich in patterns and colors, the poncho was born in South America as a warm and handy overcoat that has grown in popularity until it became an integral part of how we imagine those lands. Who doesn’t remember it in the famous scenes from the great cinema?
It was its popularity – and a modern re-elaboration – that turned it into a great accessory even for the more elegant outfits. Today, the poncho can be warm or cool, but most importantly it is always the result of a constant research on materials that made it apt for the most diverse circumstances. A trend that first sees its origins in music and movie stars, who started wearing it even on the red carpet, showing the most inventive variations on the theme.
That’s why today we want to tell you more about our ponchos and how to wear them with personality and elegance.

Hat, gloves and poncho: it’s a match!
Like they say, the best things come in threes: so, why don’t wear a poncho as the crown jewel of matching hat and gloves? It’s the perfect way to show attention and care for details, whether you create a playful contrast of colors or a harmonious combination. An elegant demonstration of personality!

Break the black
Black is always a real brush of style and if you think about it is the only color that can sustain the strength of a whole outfit by itself: who doesn’t love a total-black look, after all? Adding a poncho can go two ways: a black one will confirm the magnetic power of what you’re wearing, a colorful one will be exciting like breaking the rules!

Unexpectedly fresh
We know, the poncho was born to warm up, but it’s not that true anymore: thanks to a constant research on materials, today it is possible to wear this garment strictly like an accessory that aims to enrich your outfit without adding weight to it. Light enough to leave breathing space to your body, it can be perfect for a night walk on the beach or as a shrug for a fancy dinner outside.

Let’s rock!
Even the ones who love to be transgressive often end up showing it with unoriginal ideas. Why not change it up for real? If you think a poncho wouldn’t be rock enough, you’re wrong: just match it with some leather leggings, studded accessories, black sneakers, and you’re good to go!

Accessorize me
Maybe you haven’t thought about it yet, but ponchos are really versatile and they can change according to your needs. How? With the subtle touch of an accessory! Adding a belt around your waist, for example, makes it an elegant cape. Or, by matching it to a long shiny necklace, it will create a contrast that’ll show your personality.
Wouldn’t you want to wear one yourself now? Visit our online store to discover all our ponchos and start playing with your fantasy!