Interview with our CEO

Dynamic, extrovert and, above all, a volcano of ideas. Raised in the company, she has nurtured a passion for fashion since childhood, which she’s now able to convey with great enthusiasm. Here is Federica.

Can you explain what you do in the company?
I’m currently holding the position of Chief Executive Officer in the company. In practice, I perform almost all the tasks necessary to achieve our objectives: understanding customer requirements, maintaining relationships with suppliers, creating new collections, and coordinating communication/social networks. We are a small business, and collaboration and flexibility are essential to make each activity successful!

Among all of these things, what do you mostly like to do?
Surprisingly, I recently found out that my creative intuition and commitment to innovation were combined with my parents’ experience and know-how. For example, the patch gloves or the all brand-new Mondo Pop T-shirt. However, this remains a group work: every link in the chain is essential!

What do young people look for in fashion?
In most cases, young people look for fast-moving, adaptive and eye-catching trends. We’ve been trying to develop these concepts through the various Mondo Pop collections, in order to bring the Made in Italy Craftsmanship closer to today’s young people. Many times, “craftsmanship” is perceived as an “old” concept, whereas we try to convey the opposite idea according to which craftsmanship means attention to detail, quality, and beauty.

How do you imagine Bruno Carlo in 5 years?
I see it as a cohesive and flourishing business with clearer ideas and objectives.
Today, the company’s experiencing a period of transition and adaptation by turning a modest national reality into an international brand. There is so much effort, ambition and sense of sacrifice in every project we undertake. We don’t see it just as an economic issue. Our family is our business: a legacy initiated by my grandmother, passed on to my parents and left to us, children. I definitely want to pursue our family’s dream.

What do you value most in your company?
The things I like most are strength, tenacity, and sense of belonging. Everyone respecting and motivating each other. There is no place for dithering, just the willingness and need to support each other. Everyone is necessary.

You love travelling. How does it help you in your job?
I have a very dynamic and adaptive role. If I didn’t like travelling, I probably couldn’t be the one I am, always on the move both in terms of operational everydayness and mental creativity. Travelling is a fundamental aspect of my life. There are months I barely spend more than twenty-four hours in Ventimiglia.
And it’s something that I can do with the support and contribution of my loved ones staying in the office to follow the different aspects of the business.

What is the most emotional experience you’ve had at work?
After the launch of the Mondo Pop collection, when I saw respect and pride in my mother’s eyes, and the sense of motivation and belonging that my brother later developed. I felt “legitimate”.

What would you recommend to a young person who would like to work in your industry?
The way fashion looks is misleading. Actually, there’s so much effort, sacrifice behind every success. Nothing happens by chance. We mustn’t give up on the first difficulties, but rather believe in our own projects: working hard, putting yourself to the test, and getting informed to learn as much as possible. For a young person, it’s a fascinating world, pretty much stimulating, and very dynamic.

What did it mean for you to have two examples of strong women, such as your mother and grandmother?
I sincerely believe that I wouldn’t be the one I am today without their examples. My grandmother and, later my mother, forged my character helping me to realize myself as a woman, as a manager. My mother used to tell me, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. In our family “being a woman” is a plus, not a minus. Female emancipation also means being aware of what you want with no limits, or internal or external constraints. I consider myself lucky and fortunate.

Three words to describe Bruno Carlo.
Dynamism, Creativity, and Sense of belonging.

Bruno Carlo is …?
Total satisfaction!