The power of colors in the coldest season

?Let me start by saying that red, pink, dark blue, light blue, yellow, and white will chase away the autumn rain and the winter cold bringing joy to our days. But let’s take things in order to better understand what colors to show off in the coming months starting by celebrating this blaze of colors.

Red. Let’s start Bruno Carlo chromotherapy session with red, which, by definition, is the color of sensuality. Bright, vibrant, it’s the perfect union between elegance and energy. You can choose between shades, such as scarlet, ruby ??or strawberry, but also various hues of orange. A total red look that won’t go unnoticed. And when red meets tartan, it’s just impossible not to wear them immediately.

Pink. Just because it’s sometime nice to feel a romantic vein in yourself. But do not consider pink only as a delicate color because, this year, it will make you girly and gritty at the same time. You may experience a range of shades from light powder pink to fuchsia. Look around you and get inspired by everything that is pink – you can wear any shade. For those who are not fans of total pink, try to pair it with black, but also dare with orange.

Dark blue. The new black. It’s the perfect color to wear in the hectic pace of everyday life, but also at important events and appointments. For us it’s a symbol of Elegance with a capital E, the perfect union between simplicity and style. Chic and sophisticated, it also lends itself to different pairings, even if the rule of the year is undoubtedly, like in other cases, total blue.

Light blue. To always remember the intensity of the summer sky and the lightness that is breathed during the first spring days.

Yellow. Curry, ocher, lemon, whatever shade you want, as long as it is yellow. A load of energy and positivity to accompany you during the coldest months. A surefire way to illuminate both you and your wardrobe.

White. To make you feel as light as snow and as soft as a cloud. White will warm us with its refinement.