A new and contemporary brand

A dynamic brand is a company that changes, evolves, is not afraid of transforming some of
its elements, even those that on paper seem less subject to change.
The legacy of tradition is one of the pillars of Bruno Carlo: the family is the true origin of the
company, but also its present and future. They are the legs on which to walk, but in a path of
movement: a changing state that defines a living, dynamic world that includes change.

Having reached the third generation of Bruno, we are now launching our monogram,
registered in 2022 as a European trademark.

A brand evolution that arises from the need to be on the market as a new and contemporary

The original pictogram, born in the 90s from the pencil of Carlo Bruno, contained all his
personal aesthetic of beauty, a vision that over the years has greatly contributed to the
growth of the company both in terms of identity and market. A felt hat, a pair of gloves and a
stylized braided stick: they are the expression of an extremely refined vision of the accessory
that was, and remains, the cornerstone on which Bruno Carlo’s artisan philosophy is shaped.
A concept of strong and defined aesthetics which, however, characterized our productions in
a way that was strongly centred on certain types of products. On the other side, it excluded a
fundamental part of it today such as knitwear, or Mondo Pop t-shirts.

Today the monogram always is in two colours, with those two initials of the same Carlo
who had created the pictogram: the history of the family business is shown in this new
brand in an institutional way, but with a more modern mood and comes to embrace all the
brand lines
, feminine and masculine. At the same time, its aesthetics make it very adaptable
to different aesthetic solutions
, and can be used for example as a graphic pattern.

This does not mean putting aside the pictogram, which will continue to exist as the
company’s heritage.

On the contrary, it means welcoming all the aesthetic and artisan history of Bruno Carlo’s
, and giving it a new look with which to face the challenges of these days and future

* The evolution and study of the monogram: watch the video