Bruno Carlo SS22

The Sun has risen.
It envelops everything around it: everything is filled with light.
This is the Light that reveals and unveils. 
Light that allows us to see, to make out shapes, 
profiles and the depth of reality.
Images and sounds flow together in a suspended, 
blinding scenery - 
they merge, embracing, taking on life. 

Bruno Carlo introduces their new spring/summer 2022 collection: Luce.
In this new context, nature is the frame to an increasingly important discovery and therefore revelation of truth previously shrouded in shadow. With Luce, in fact, it isn’t only what the sun shines on that is illuminated: it is also and above all an interior rediscovery. 
Light intended not only as a means to see but also as the transmission of the internal Ego reached through awareness. The dominating sensation of Luce is that of a refined and evocative sensitivity throughout the collection: in fact, the garments are woven through with warmth, comfort and naturalness – constants in Bruno Carlo’s interpretation of fashion. 
The images and videos of the campaign are all bound by this common perception of Light, both internal and external: the actors use their movements and bodies to bring elements of nature to life, as they spontaneously and confidently move lightly through the context chosen to stage the collection.

Knitwear meets Light.
The garments of the Knitwear line are illuminated by light, the namesake of the collection, thanks to the insertion of lurex in the weave or the application of strass stones which reflect against the natural threads of the cotton, linen and light cashmere
The palette is delicate and intimate; the tones are dusty, soft, light, never over-saturated: highlighted nuances interwoven in the cashmere mix for a fresh, refined touch. Starting with the single tone satin, the colours blend together making even the nuances more fluid: leading to simple two-tone patterns and multi-colour stripes, all the way through to openwork
The most important part of the collection is made up of Bruno Carlo’s traditional one-size garments: roomy fits, and relaxed lines. 
The dropped sleeve jumpers are divided up between V-neck and crew neck, long sleeve and short sleeve: they can be easily coordinated with same colour trousers for a distinctive look or worn together with other elements of the collection: open cardigans, wide-leg high-waist trousers, soft shorts, through to some of the brand’s classics such as puffy ponchos or coordinated capes
The entire collection reflects those outfits that have always been a leader of Bruno Carlo’s direction: artisanship, hand-made items, but also sought-after materials and the desire to propose a high-quality, comfortable and versatile selection that is designed to last

Accessories and the Luce Menswear collection. 
This is another collection that sees accessories as a natural completion to any outfit
Great attention to the classic Panama hats, with a parallel evolution in brand new models and decorations between wide brims, and gondola or gaucho style.  
Prestige and attention to detail are the mainstays behind all type of working, a large part of the hand-sewn gloves in a choice of Nappa leather, openwork and half-finger, which can be naturally coordinated with hats and knitwear items. 

Men's is not exempt from this world of Luce: the menswear accessories are subject to the same foundation concepts of delicateness and light. 
Hats in linen or cotton, such as the flat caps and Panama hats, complete a relaxed look of quiet wellbeing. 

It is a mood shared by both man and woman after a period of self-discovery, a newly found awareness: everything is brought back to the spotlight. 
Only in the absence of light can we finally understand its importance, because without it we cannot see – and now that we finally recognise this, let the light pour in. 
This is Luce: you can have a preview of Bruno Carlo’s new SS22 collection in our lookbook and on the teaser.