Bruno Carlo FW21

The journey of deep self-reflection that was the very foundation of Intimacy, now reaches a new stage. The Confidency collection is dedicated to those women who – after the disorientation caused by the difficult historical moment we are currently experiencing – have finally found their own equilibrium and are able to transfer it to their everyday lives: having finally acquired self-awareness and confidence, everything slowing returns to a recognisable state of being.

Superior quality and versatility: the sustainability of garments designed to last. 
This interior condition of self-awareness naturally leads to the need to also change our approach to what we wear, favouring garments that reflect our current state of being. Bruno Carlo’s FW21 collection is characterised by soft, embracing lines, almost gentle and reassuring. The subtext is given by a minimalism that is not merely aesthetic but above all functional. In an age in which “less is more”, it is vital we focus on garments of superior quality that are carefully detailed and last over time, which unite versatility, comfort and beauty in a truly sustainable perspective
Artisan production means time, dedication, know-how, people: all of which is light-years from the dynamics of fast fashion as can be seen in each individual garment which is lent identity, history and prestige by the Made in Italy values.

Knitwear: now also leisurewear.
At the very heart of Confidency is Knitwear: wool, cashmere and alpaca which is the new innovation of the season introduced to bring the very highest characteristics of softness and fluffiness which are the distinctive features of the collection. Some leisurewear garments have been designed for everyday living: sweaters, long jumpers and free-size vest tips which can be worn alone or used as a total look with trousers – also in knitwear – or other proposals of the range. 
These relaxed forms are perfect for layering and easily and naturally adapt to the various demands of everyday life: they are beautiful to look at, comfortable to wear, well-detailed and pleasant to the touch. 
Alongside this more minimal range, we also have the more traditional garments of our established production: cowls, shawls and ponchos that have been revisited following the concept of the new collection and decorated with fur applications and trimming. This year, our fur range has been enriched with a prestigious selection of sable, mink and chinchilla
The main palette of colours is warm and inviting, concentrating on beige, camel, rust and brick red. Tones that adapt well to the pillars of this collection: relaxation, softness, versatility and everyday life. In a word: Confidency

H&H: a more intense bond with Knitwear.
As always, the most carefully put-together outfit is refined and completed by our accessories. For the first time, Knitwear and H&H find themselves in a truly interwoven relationship: the blends are coordinate in a fluid, natural way. The range includes wool felt hats but also double-face cloches in camel and wool; gloves in soft Napa leather but also more venerated proposals such as deerskin and sheepskin.

Menswear: not just hats and gloves, but also jumpers.
The menswear collection offers well-studied, elegant combinations of hats and gloves: the more elegant felt hats alternate with more casual solutions such as flat caps, caps and smaller hats, the Napa leather gloves with more sporty models in wool, fabric and nubuck. If we are known for the special attention we give to our accessories, this year the menswear novelty is our line of male knitwear which is characterised by the same quality, softness and versatility as the garments of our women’s collections. 

Bruno Carlo’s “youthwear” line grows…
Mondo Pop is growing, becoming even more distinguishable as a collection that is truly one of a kind. 
Our dialogue with agents has been vital in working on the quality and durability of our T-shirts. Twenty-five new subjects for totally redesigned graphics available on short-sleeved, long-sleeved and, for the first time, even on hoodies. We have perfected our prints with flocked graphics, PS and glitter; the graphics are clearer and more immediate also thanks to our new packaging which places the logo in the bottom. For the applications (which can be removed for easier washing), we have introduced food animals (rex and sheep), for an even higher level of sustainability
Colourful, Napa leather gloves and fingerless gloves with patterns, applications and patches complete this brief summary of a collection that is able to maintain its fun, playful attitude as a fundamental feature. 

Thus, Confidency puts itself forward as a fundamental step on a journey towards change. Being put on pause like this has also meant giving us time to reflect, analyse and improve whatever needed to be improved. The faith that comes from this is the same with which we present our new collection to you today. 

Take a sneak peek at Confidency in our lookbooks and watching the teaser of the collection!

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