Bruno Carlo SS21

The SS21 collection was created in a particular period, never seen before and that no one of us could have imagined to live. This changing world brought us to a deep rethinking of the relationship with ourselves and with what surrounds us.

Our self reflection
Intimacy tells its true story and points of view: even the aspects that seem to be in contrast with each other are welcomed with the peaceful awareness of those who recognize them as part of a deep balance.
It is an invitation to a calm connection with the intimacy that comes to the surface, without fear of showing strengths and weaknesses, of undressing from masks, of showing oneself for what one is.

An intimacy deeply connected with Nature.
This simplicity is closely connected to our relationship with Nature as a spectator and director of human experiences in their continuous changes between day and night. A Nature made of light, but also of earth and water, strongly rooted in the here and now as a naked stone; a Nature always adaptable and able to survive even in adversity, with the resistance of the most tenacious ground ivy.

A world is reborn with a changing fashion.
Intimacy is the symbol of a long-awaited rebirth after a phase in which the world has changed, and fashion has changed as well: the garments in the collection speak about a sober femininity, which relies on comfortable garments that immediately give a feeling of comfort, pleasant to wear, wrapping and made from solid fabrics. It is a discreet elegance that pays attention to the essential aspects.

Knitwear: discreet elegance that focuses on quality and essential aspects.
The collection core is made of knitwear with light cotton and cashmere yarns selected by Italian suppliers certified for their high quality. The emphasis on sustainability of our garments, which want to combine value, versatility and durability, is never in doubt.
It is almost always about knitwear in one size, ponchos, capes, short and long cardigans to play with, keeping them open or closed with a belt. Sinuous draperies, soft volumes that do not forget, however, a more basic proposal of sweaters with minimal lines, wide-waisted shorts and palazzo trousers for a total look that carefully dresses women in comfortable way from the morning to the evening. 
The shades reflect the colours of Nature, in dusty and delicate nuances: dark green, neutral palettes such as sandy, grey, black. Sometimes, a brick red, colour of the living land, as a symbol of strength and positivity, of the desire for a new start. In some garments, the solid colour is broken by a simple but always effective striped pattern. There is also lurex, which reflects the sunlight in an invitation to shine once more.

Natural straw and Panama hats: the main accessories of the season.
In an increasingly coordinated and harmonious way, the hats are softly included in a collection that pays attention to every detail: the main characters of the season are the Panamas, with both wide and narrow brims, a further element next to the shapes in natural straw. From the more “rough" colours, the different models want to refer to the shades of the knitwear, playing, as per tradition of our brand with matching or contrasting combinations, but always with a distinctive accessory in terms of style.

In the evanescent suggestions of the campaign dedicated to the collection, you can feel that suspended atmosphere of new beginnings, but also the energy of the elements: it is the impalpable sensitivity of those who can recognize themselves again, but know where to guide their steps. 

Intimacy is a collection of garments that can be worn all day long, wrapped and totally connected with our self, to be known, appreciated and loved for a long time.
Start discovering it by watching the campaign teaser and with the lookbook preview!