Craftsmanship with a contemporary – and fun! – twist.

We have often said that Bruno Carlo is a “family affair”, as each and every product is born of the creativity and craftsmanship capabilities of the three generations of the Bruno family still working together today. From this point of view, synergy is important and dialogue vital. The value of tradition finds a reciprocal balance with a focus on the latest trends: a balance that changes from collection to collection, defining the very character of the garments and constantly moving the bar between past, present and future.

Breaking the relationship mould between past and present.
Mondo Pop is the brainchild of the youngest generation of the Bruno family, born from Federica and Matteo’s desire for experimentation. Stepping up the game, giving space to personal creativity while breaking the mould of the brand itself: all powerful triggers that put artisan know-how to the service of something completely different.
The legacy passed down through the generations – classically evident in the knitwear and millinery collections – represents the departure point of a journey uniting tradition with modernity, giving a new lease of life to the meaning of craftsmanship today. Personal skills and talent are exalted, as well as knowledge and experience built up in the company itself. When people are positioned at the very centre of the productive process, part of their personality inevitably filters through in their work: this is how Mondo Pop is able to reflect the eclectic and volcanic character of its creators who, after first conceiving the idea on a whim during a stopover in Dubai, continued to have faith, shape the collection until it could stand on its own in the Bruno Carlo brand.
The creative act behind Mondo Pop was clear from the very first T-shirt – now a part of the
basic collection – showing the silhouette of a little girl with a balloon: the motto “It’s all about
clearly expresses this desire to be able to create without limits, lifting off on some
balloons imbued with the brand of craftsmanship. A creative freedom that is part of a more
general freedom of being
, it is the desire for initiative and emancipation; all vital values for
the Bruno family and, therefore, the company.

A colourful, playful mood.
The basic concept behind the collection is a young, playful and brightly coloured mood.
Mondo Pop speaks a contemporary, anti-conformist language: the collection aims to have
fun and entertain.

The graphics, T-shirt patterns, colours and design of the gloves are given a pop feel with an
irrefutable character - with a nod to the latest trends - while guaranteeing you will
immediately fall in love with their positivity.

The fundamental contribution of tradition.
The tradition of Bruno Carlo is never forgotten, however. From the very beginning, the brand
has proposed handmade, high profile artisan products, such as is typical of the Made in Italy
On one hand, Mondo Pop T-shirts are designed in-house and printed in Italy on organic
On the other, the fur decorations are applied with all the technical and artisan ability
traditionally offered by the company
, giving them a renewed interpretation. The decorations
are cut, shaped, often lined (the satin heart, for example) and sewn by hand: on some
garments such as the T-shirts, these decorations are attached by buttons sewn inside to
avoid having to have them professionally cleaned.
The hems, details, broguing and patches on the Napa leather gloves are also representative
of the brand’s traditions, requiring a number of different skills in these exclusively artisan

Craftsmanship that embraces future innovation.
Each garment becomes an original work of art at the hands of our artisan workers, who lend
their own particular talents and experience to each piece, focussing on guaranteeing the
best result possible
: something to be proud of, something to offer clients with pride.
This is the case in all Bruno Carlo collections; but in the Mondo Pop collection, each creation
ends up encompassing the irreplaceable value of tradition with an eye to the future
, as it has
done from its debut with the silhouette of the little girl with the balloons.
With its irresistible nuances and decisive but carefree character, Mondo Pop storms the
scene as positive energy to be worn, raising a smile from all who behold it, while never
forgetting the importance of a high-quality artisan product.

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