An open letter in the time of COVID-19


Since the end of February, the Western world has been facing a very serious outbreak that is having very deep impacts on our lives at all levels, i.e human, professional and economical. 
We are all feeling a sense of powerlessness and uncertainty about our present but, above all, about our future perspectives. 

Despite all this, first as a family and secondly as a company, Bruno Carlo has choosen not to give up. We are trying as far as possible to look to the future with hope: we cannot fail. But in doing so we can’t be alone: we need you! We constantly appreciate the support given by you in choosing our accessories for your boutiques and for your everyday lifestyle.
Since its foundation, our company it has always drawn energies both from Italian craftsmanship and the support given by its customers at all levels. In fact, we never get tired of saying that Bruno Carlo is a “family affair”.

We are aware that we are all living more or less the same feelings of worries and concerns. But as soon as feasible, we encourage you to start again all together by mutually supporting each other. Once more, we guarantee you that we will play our part during the recovery to build up a bright future for all.

Union, cooperation and shared professionalism could be fundamental tools for a common recovery, especially in those critical days. When this complicated phase will be finally over, if we help each other, we can rise again stronger than before.

A warm greeting,

Federica, Gina, Matteo & Family