Two key concepts of artisanship revived in Bruno Carlo

The concepts of sustainability and anti-fast-fashion were at the very heart of the February 2020 editions of Mipel and TheOne making them the perfect place from which to start up an informative debate on these two subjects that Bruno Carlo is so passionate about. 

The sustainable vision of true artisanship. 
Artisan work re-evaluates concepts such as time, care and dedication to the individual like few other perspectives of the productive domain. 
We would add the value of the natural uniqueness of each garment to this list, as hand-made garments may, at most, be similar to others but their essence will always differ from all others. 
Artisan work is undertaken by people more than machines; it is based on quality rather than quantity. Each piece contains a grain of the history behind its creation – a history made up of research into quality raw materials, a constant striving for improvement and the proposal of a garment to be both proud of while certain that the customer for whom it is made will appreciate it and understand its value.

Bruno Carlo: sustainable artisanship for a more informed consumer.
Aware as always of the increasing importance of informed consumerism, Bruno Carlo makes the sustainable vision of true artisanship their own, reviving it each day in their laboratories and celebrating the eternal contemporariness of it in their garments and accessories. 

The fabrics and hides used in the collections are subject to continual research and meticulous selection
Today, the Knitwear collection uses regenerated cashmere, recovering existing fibres and making them prestigious again; Head&Hands, prefers “food animals” for the fur trims on their Nappa leather gloves, thereby avoiding further negative impact on the planet’s level of pollution. 
In each collection, Bruno Carlo prefers to use natural rather than synthetic fabrics and all the materials used in making the garments are certified by Italian and European producers who have long worked to the highest standards of quality.

The durable, high-quality primary products are hand-worked in the workshop from the initial processes to the minutest finishing touches: this care to detail undertaken on each, individual piece from beginning to end lends even more uniqueness to each product every day.   
Having shunned mass production, Bruno Carlo concentrates on people - be they one of the family’s generations working in the company, sharing every day in the challenges and results; or even the clients: the final destination of the work itself - the importance of this value is never lost from sight. 

Each garment is precious; none is studied and created to merely be “consumed”, but rather to live eternally both for the wearer as well as in the eyes of the beholder. 
This approach is in sharp contrast to the brands whose production tends to follow the diktats of fast fashion. Shunning “disposable” fashion, its diktats and transitory trends, it instead pledges to always produce something so unique that it can accompany the wearer for a long, long time. 

Bruno Carlo awaits you at Mipel with a particular focus on gloves and hats and, immediately afterwards, at The One with a large stand where you can get to know the Knitwear, Head&Hands, Mondo Pop and Man’s concepts for the AW2020 season more in depth. 
You can find us here:
- Mipel (16-19 February), Fiera Milano Rho, Pad. 10 Stand D18
- TheOne (20-23 February), Fiera Milano City, Pad. 4 Stand A75

If you cannot make it and would like further information, please contact us by phone at 0184 355144 or by filling out the form you can find at this link.