A Collection of Worlds just waiting to be discovered

Exploring the Bruno Carlo Spring Summer Collection 2020 means to venture into a completely new universe of different worlds.
It is like walking through enchanting nature, where plants and flowers intertwine creating continual references to the botanical world; passing through the desert-inspired magic of the colonial style, until you can even hear the sea breeze in the rustle of blue silk.

A new way to perceive collections.
Gone are the traditional collections of the past, subdivided by product; they have been replaced by sophisticated and evocative atmospheres embracing our new tailored T-shirts, hats and silk knitwear, light cashmere, linen and cotton – all presented in peaceful coexistence. 
A new and all-encompassing approach that seeks to mix and match and create connections both within these worlds and with everything that surrounds us.  

Nature and the elements reflected in fabrics.
Nature enters the scene with all the power of the elements, bringing her light, colours and strength to each article with a keen eye: earth, water, air and fire are reflected in the fabrics in an endless declaration of belonging to our Mother Earth.

The Collection’s campaign is also given a new breath of life thanks to the contribution of Pepe Fotografia and Studio Van: set and location integrate perfectly in an approach of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, highlighting this relationship with the choices of colour that remain faithful to Bruno Carlo’s Worlds.

Three worlds to explore.
These worlds are built on three colour concepts:
NATURAL, in which natural tones blend with black and white, and tactile fabrics (combed cottons and linens) speak of solidity intended to last over time. We find ourselves in a world where simplicity and minimalism are expressed in pinstripes and androgynous prints reinterpreted with a geometric slant and where our caftans and new tailored T-shirts tip the cap to botanical elements reminiscent of the natural straw used in our hats and Panamas.                                                                 

LADY BRITISH, a world of evident ’70s British’ inspiration where desert tones rule alongside a warm, drenched orange. Silks, over-shirts and caftans whisper of exotic and seductive atmospheres while the more formal taste of graphic and floral prints, inspired by mid-European design, leads us back again to a more contemporary style. The result is a sophisticated look that finds its truest expression in the elegance of our silks and is sure to win the heart of those constantly on the lookout for that extra touch of class.

INDIGO, where the Mediterranean sea breeze blows strong through the light and dark shades of blue, diving into the navy tones of the deepest waters. The light that bathes this Collection is reflected by the silks which take simple, soft and relaxed forms, growing duskier in the more formal dark blues of the pinstripes. Matching with our traditional summer ranges is ensured by renewal of the same tones in the fabric bands, geometric patterns and striped brims of the hats of this line.

All these worlds feature exquisite details and accessories: tassels, string belts, trimmings, sequin embroidery, and rhinestone decorations and applications, for femininity in pure and essential taste. 

A journey through different worlds and perceptions of elegance.
With this new Collection, Bruno Carlo invites you on a journey through different worlds and perceptions of elegance, constantly accompanied by simplicity, versatility and comfort, in discovery of a new transversal language in which high-quality raw materials and craftsmanship are reaffirmed as the company’s hallmark. 

These are articles designed and created not to ‘wear out’ but to last, both in the wearing of them and in the eyes of their beholders. Such an approach allows the beauty of Nature’s reflections to infiltrate the entire Collection in a pursuit of quality that, today, goes against the flow. It is also part of a sustainable vision unique to the true craftsman: the echo of a tradition whose eternal currency we wish to celebrate and in which the creations of man and Nature interact with mutual respect, allowing each to shine.

Natural, Lady British and Indigo are ready for you, so come and explore the new worlds of Bruno Carlo and we promise you an unforgettable journey of love at first sight.

Bruno Carlo will be more than glad to show you its brand new collection during Milan Fashion Week.
Here's where you will find us:
- MIPEL (15-18 September), FieraMilano Rho, Pad.10 D18
- THE ONE (19-22 September), FieraMilano City, D23

You won't be in Milan and would you like to contact us?
To receive any kind of information, you can call Bruno Carlo on + 39 0184 355144 or fill out the form at this link.