Bruno Carlo, clothing
and accessories made in Italy since 1970.

Bruno Carlo is an Italian company located in the heart of Ventimiglia (IM) which has been making clothing items since 1970. The production of gloves and accessories for women and men is the result of combining the forward-looking gaze of who wants to innovate and keep up with the times and the wisdom of who breathes craftsmanship every day. A Made in Italy brand that has turned high fashion into its own identity, its soul, your style, your light.

For three generations, style has been the red line that guides the Bruno Family. A constant commitment between innovation and craft moves the minds and the creativity of the brand. Incessant care for quality and details have made the Bruno Carlo name a solid reality that never ceases to improve.

Bruno Carlo’s philosophy has always been to push towards improvement. Quality, craftsmanship and tradition are the outline, the gaze into the future, the weave through which the Bruno Carlo family collections are conceived and created. Collections of accessories and gloves, both for men and women, that Bruno Carlo thinks of as jewels, from unique lines and colors, that aim to enhance the personality of who wears them.

From the transgressive elegance of the “Mondo Pop” collection, to the immortal harmony of “Head & Hand”; from the embracing warmth of “Knitwear”, to our Custom collection; Bruno Carlo always manages to satisfy the needs of its models.

Whether you’re in love with style, or a boutique that wants to revamp its collection, contact us! Bruno Carlo will find the style that works for you.


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